The Tinley Park Flag/Crest

This flag is designed mainly with heraldic symbols. The candle is a more modern touch signifying the light of learning, burning towards progress. The Chevron above the candle represents the framework supporting the roof of a house. For our town it signifies the strong and enduring framework already building – ready to meet our future years.

Since “Illinois” is in part a word of French origin, “Illini” meaning Indian and “ois” French meaning tribe of Men. Also picked as a symbol of French Heraldry, the Fleur-de-lis. This sign of the flower, brings to mind purity and cleanliness. For us, it is our striving to keep our town “clean” physically as well as politically.

The cross of Moline signifies our brotherhood and faith in the future of the town. The crescents are a symbol of growth, appropriate to this expanding community. The colors of gold, white and red signify brotherhood and cleanliness – reminders of our work, pride and how in the town of Tinley Park.

The design and legend was created by Mrs. Elizabeth Avis of Tinley Park. The Village Board officially passed a resolution on March 5, 1963, designating this crest and legend